The Real Victims and Criminals of Cannabis Prohibition

The shocking truth is while many people throughout the United States of America are starting to enjoy legal medical marijuana and even legal recreational marijuana in some states there are those who have paid the ultimate price who are still suffering and paying the price today.

Christopher Williams is facing 85 years in prison for being a medical marijuana provider for the people. He was offered a reduced sentence as little as 10 years if he would waive his right to appeal but refused. Patricia SpottedCrow received 12 years in prison for a pot sale that was reported as being for only $31.

Jonathan Magbie served a 10-day sentence in a Washington DC jail because he was the passenger in a vehicle in which a loaded gun and a joint were found together. He is paralyzed from the neck down and requires medical assistance 20 hours a day. After four days in jail without his ventilator, he died.

The list of these individuals goes on and on! The shocking truth is these people are not guilty of crimes against others they were simply medicating and helping others to have access to a medicine the federal government has kept from the people in order to make them sick. The government along with the DEA and anyone else who has helped support marijuana prohibition is truly the guilty party here and should be held accountable for their heinous crimes against humanity! One day they will be my friends, and that is the shocking truth!

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