The Sell Us Crap and Then Track Us to Sell the Data

Marketing companies are the worst today. When we make purchases we spend hundreds sometimes thousands of dollars to have our devices basically not be ours at all. They’re loaded with so much stuff and apps we can’t even utilize it properly. They shut down whenever the manufacturers want them to. They collect every ounce of data about us and send them to multiple different analytic sources which sell all of this stuff on a continual and regular basis. These corporations and companies profit off of tracking what you’re doing and selling your information.

Amazon, HP, Google, Facebook, Verizon, US Cellular, everybody does it, and we continue to let them do it. The last time I bought a phone, I went out and spent hundreds of dollars on a Galaxy S4 phone that was, in fact, a Verizon phone. I learned that these phones were packed full of Verizon software firmware and ads. The phone doesn’t even work right. It overheats within a matter of minutes. It has a camera that doesn’t hold a scale to the S3, and it was supposed to be much better.

These companies get away with selling these “upgrades” and we continue to let them do it. We need to grow up and demand better from companies that are producing products. America used to be proud and was able to say that some of the best products in the world came from American soil. That is no longer true as American craftsmanship is turned into complete shit.

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