The Shocking Truth About Alien Stars

The shocking truth is the contract that has been struck here on Earth with alien investors have expired. Now not only is our planet’s natural resources being depleted at an alarming rate in which it is becoming visible to people everywhere all the talent in the world is being taken to. These aliens are not actually dying but rather going back home and letting other aliens have their turn at a fun run here on Earth.

Galactic records indicate that many famous stars from Elvis Presley and Tupac all the way to the late Prince have in fact not overdosed on drugs or died they had just simply returned home to their alien planet and are their entertaining the masses as others invade, I mean occupy earth for their turn.

This is to make way for the rising stars of the future such as Bieber and Gomez. So don’t cry too hard for these stars, they most likely have just returned to the Stars.


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