The Shocking Truth Behind Cannabis Prohibition and the Race War



The shocking truth behind marijuana prohibition is actually one those in the cannabis community know very well. The shocking truth is that cannabis prohibition was designed to keep people apart. Individuals tend to group with their own when they’re sober. When they start drinking, they hang with their own type, and when someone who is not like them comes into the crowd most often there is conflict. Cannabis is exactly opposite in this aspect as those who are in the cannabis community and culture have a universal bond with cannabis.


Cannabis connoisseurs are known for being some of the most polite, kind, and compassionate people on the planet. It’s easy to see why peace-loving hippies were as happy as they were. There are no racial barriers when it comes to Mary Jane, no religion denominations that are separated, no state or country or color that makes you different. Those who partake in the smoking of the ganja are from every walk of life. From the man who lives in the cardboard box on the corner alley to the guy that’s in the top penthouse in the sky rise luxury apartment building.


Cannabis prohibition was designed to keep a nation in civil unrest. This allows for control and profiting that have been the main intentions of our government all along. Help to break the cycle of lies that are associated with cannabis. Don’t fall for the race war agenda that’s being pushed throughout media, it does not exist. In the cannabis culture people of all races, colours and creeds get along, and that’s not shocking news!

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