The Shocking Truth is Love is More Powerful Than Anything

The shocking truth is all we need is love. Love will carry you through hardest times of your life. I know this all too well because I met my soulmate and the love of my life at a very young age. We have been together over a decade now, and it has been beautiful. Times in my life where I would have snapped and lost it I was able to hold it together thanks to the unconditional power of love.

But what is love without coffee? Oh yeah, it’s still love because love will lead you to coffee. Love can help heal all wounds and change the tides of the sands in your favor. The shocking truth is there’s not enough love in this great big world. Our world is consumed with hate. That is propagated and uneducated individuals in power and their media influences. Don’t fall victim to the nasty, vicious cycle of hate perpetrated by the media and suppressed on to society when you can fall victim to the heavenly powers of love.

As I’m writing this blog, the shocking truth hits me more and more that love truly can help change your life. If I were to allow myself to be consumed with the daily nonsense that the media forces upon our eyes I would not be a very loving individual. Thankfully I’ve experienced love first-hand and know the awesome power it holds. If you would like to know this awesome power for yourself, find somebody to love! You might just like it, and that’s the shocking truth.

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