The Shocking Truth is One Mans Hate led to 50 Deaths

It is a sad day in the LGBT community after a deadly shooting in Orlando took place Sunday morning. In what is being called a terror attack on the LGBT community 50 lives were lost when a gunman opened fire inside one of the city’s most popular gay bars. 53 others were injured. The shocking truth is there are many people within the United States that are filled with hatred and do not believe that people should have the right to love who they choose.

Unfortunately, the shocking truth is many people are just scared of what they do not understand. As someone who has many gay friends and someone who knows many people in the LGBT community, I am equally as heartbroken to hear of this tragic event. The shocking truth is we may never have World Peace because some people cannot get past their own narrow-minded viewpoints and hatred towards people who are not like themselves.

Our hearts go out to everyone who was affected by this tragic event as well as to the entire LGBT community as this was an unnecessary tragedy that took unnecessary lives because of one man’s hateful ways.


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