The Shocking Truth is We May be the Pets Not the Owners

Dogs and cats have been in a secret battle for decades. It’s only recently that their secret battle has been uncovered by humankind. Humans have previously thought that our dogs and cats are nothing more than pets. Friends to humankind since long ago. In fact, it is the other way around. Animals are the keepers of people.

They don’t have to have jobs and make us take care of them. In the meanwhile, a secret war has been waged and his been being battled out between cats and dogs. You can catch glimpses all over the Internet of these furious furry confrontations. Cats like something from Men In Black and dogs like something that comes from the fog perhaps a fireworm.

The internet has allowed us the ability to see things in a different light. Things such as this. To catch things that we would never have been able to see before. Cats and dogs are at war with one another and that my friends is the shocking truth!


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