The Shocking Truths About Health Care Around the World

There is without a doubt a major need for change to the healthcare system in the United States as well as around the world. There are many different things that are wrong with health care systems that seem to be the same across the board. One of the shocking truths surrounding healthcare systems is the fact that some physicians actually receive payments from pharmaceutical companies to prescribe their drugs. Sometimes these payments come in the form of speaking or consulting fees and other times they come as behind-the-scene bonuses and incentives for basically promoting one drug over another.

What may also come shocking to many individuals is the fact that many physicians do not have complete knowledge of the drugs that are on the market today. Turn on the TV and give it an hour. If you’re watching a station that has commercials, I would bet you $100 that you see at least two to three different pharmaceutical related commercials during that hour. It seems that every day there is a new drug hitting the market to treat some ailment that we seem to need more than ever but haven’t had all along. Because of the fact that there are so many drugs coming to the market, it is almost impossible for doctors to stay on top of everything that is currently available as well as what is safe cost-effective and appropriate to prescribe.

Due to the fact that many drugs are changing, and more drugs are becoming available than ever before physicians seem to go in one direction or the other. There are some physicians who will typically prescribe the same medications over and over again simply because they have been around, they have shown to be effective, and this is what they are used to prescribing. These typically are not your physicians that are being paid off by pharmaceutical companies. The ones that you can tell her being paid off by pharmaceutical companies are the ones that always seems to have something new for you to try every time that you see them.

These are the ones that will have you experiment with 10 or 12 different drugs until they find one that works for you. Another shocking fact that many people may not realize is the number of people that do not have access to healthcare in the United States. According to Humane IAM.Org over one-third of the world’s population does not have access to medicines essential to their health and survival because of the high prices.

It is estimated that every year over 13 million children under the age of 5 years old die from illnesses that could have been treated or avoided if access to healthcare and medication would have been available and affordable. What is even more shocking is the truth and the fact that while these children are dying there are doctors out there cruising around in the ocean sipping on the finest Scotch while sitting on the deck of there yachts thanks to the millions of dollars that they have made off of sick people.


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