The Signs of a Hell to Come this Hurricane Season

The shocking truth is this year when hurricane season arrives we are in for one hell of a ride! NOOA is predicting a lot of tropical storms in the Atlantic, and so are the feds. The reason they are predicting such strong storm activity is due to all of the Chemtrails they have been spreading in our skies over the past 4 months. Weaponizing our weather and forcing a climate change is the goal of certain groups.

They believe that a forced climate change is something we will be able to deal with as opposed to an all of a sudden snap and change in an instant. The Atlantic Ocean is rumored to experience an excessive amount of tropical storms and hurricanes this season, but many people already know this is due to the government nucular fusion program. Many believe they have an oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico which they are conducting experiments involving nuclear fusion. There is even speculation that a combination of nucular fusion testing gone wrong and chemtrails combined with electronic low-frequency waves are what is responsible for the rare and precise conditions that spawned Hurricane Katrina.

If you live in the coastal areas anywhere in the Atlantic, I would make sure to have my survival gear on hand, and my plans planned out. The weather this year might be a little bit more than what you’re used to. Actually, it will probably be a lot more than what you’re used to. The government has been screwing with our climate to effectively learn to weaponize it and that my friends really is the shocking truth!


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