The Story of How 1 Man Tried Selling a Ghost on Craigslist Complete with Creepy Old Chest


These days you can buy anything online, and when it comes to Craigslist, the selection gets very strange sometimes. Recently a story was published about an individual who sold a ghost on Craigslist. The conversation that took place between the seller of this ghost and one of the potential buyers is actually quite entertaining. The ad was placed stating that the individual was selling a male ghost. The spirit came with a wooden chest that the individual had purchased. You cannot hide the chest, or the ghost gets mad. The ghost is playful, though, and you may enjoy the ghost and chest for $300.



An individual responded with a few questions about the ghost.


1) Scary or nice? Scale of Slimer to Vigo, where would this ghost land?

2) How big is the ghost? My apartment isn’t huge, not trying to get suffocated every day by this ghost; he has to respect my space.

3) Does the ghost get along with dogs?

4) Notice you’re in Wisconsin, is the ghost a Packers fan? Sort of a deal breaker.

5) Is it one of those ghosts that’s going to try and jerk me off while I sleep. Not judging gay people but I’m not into that sort of stuff so I would rather not have a gay ghost that tries to fuck me all the time.


The seller of the ghost came back strong and replied they could not answer any of those questions and even if that person was to show up with $1,000 they could not sell that individual the ghost because it would hurt them AGAIN! The two individuals exchanged a few emails back and forth but ultimately the buyer never got to make his purchase. So we are not sure just how for real this claim was but what we do know is that a man did, in fact, try to sell a ghost on Craigslist and prompted a response for purchase.

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