The Story of the McMuffinSmuggler

Shocking truths come in all forms and, in this case; it comes in the form of an ingenious criminal mind. Perhaps if some of these individuals that apply their mind to crime were to think outside the box, literally they might not be boxed up all the time in jail and potentially could have promising careers. We’ve all heard of the Hamburglar but a McMuffinburglar? No, I’m not talking about someone who creeps around the office to steal your morning McDonald’s Egg McMuffin.

prison 1

This criminal was already incarcerated when a McMuffin craving happened. Sometimes when you are locked up, prison food just doesn’t cut it. It doesn’t have the taste that your use to and provides little to no nutritious value. For this reason, why not just order out and say get a McDonald’s Egg McMuffin smuggled into you while you’re in jail? This is exactly what happened at Wormwood Scrubs prison. Carl Johnson aka the fisherman was arrested and sentenced to two and a half years after he was busted using a fishing line to smuggle items over a prison wall.

prison 2

On top of smuggling drugs and contraband such mobile phones, a SmartWatch, a 5-inch blade and other banned items he figured why the hell not throw a McMuffin in there. The McMuffin was his undoing as police everywhere instantly smelled the food on the premises. A McMuffin is very similar to a donut. Everybody knows if you really need assistance from the officers in most major cities simply put some donuts or McMuffins on your front porch and you will get their attention quicker than if you were to call 9-1-1.

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