The Truth About H2O

When it comes to the most precious natural resource on our planet as well as the most vital and pivotal resource for life as we know it, there is a problem. The problem is we are running out of the stuff. The stuff I’m speaking of is none other than H2O. Our precious water that is required for life to exist on this planet has been poisoned by decades of big corporation abuse. The industrialization of the United States of America, as well as the rest of the world, has played havoc on the ecosystem.

Water has been depleted at a rapid rate and now rivers around the world are drying up. Lakes, streams, and other areas that were once an oasis for wildlife as well as important freshwater resources for humankind are no longer there. The water that is being sold to the public and piped into your home is often poisoned. In Flint Michigan, the water is so horrible it will kill you to drink it.

Towns located all across Texas are experiencing the same kind of havoc with their water. In Seattle Washington, large amounts of dangerous lead levels have been found in the water.
The Seattle Public Utilities Board is urging all of its 650,000 customers to turn their water on and just let it flow. I bet that’s great for business for them. They have all this poisonous water pouring down the drain while they are getting paid for what they poisoned.

In California, the water there has been found to have percentages of Xanax and Oxycontin as high as 12%! Just what in the f*** are they poisoning the water for? There was another tyrant in history who poisoned the water. His name was Adolf Hitler. He poisoned the water in the Jewish concentration camps with fluoride. Wait a minute fluoride, doesn’t our government add fluoride to our water now? The shocking truth is the people you are voting in the office have been poisoning our planet and poisoning you and they will continue to do so if we do not change it!


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