The Truth Behind Your Bald Spot

bald 1

Men and women across America have been battling with the problem of receding or balding hair. This has made the medical community hundreds of millions of dollars every year. They offer a multitude of treatment ranging from pills and shampoos to surgical procedures that will allow for your hair to grow back. What if you didn’t have to lose your hair in the first place? This can be done by simply changing things about the way you keep up your daily hygiene. Many individuals who go bald or lose hair on the top of their heads contribute it to wearing a hat regularly. However, there are many that don’t wear hats that still lose hair in the same place. Think about this for just a minute!


bald 2

When you take a shower the water hits you on the top of the head down the back of your neck. Mysteriously this is where most men go bald first. Women experience the same effect and most women do not wear hats. This is because the water is hard and packed full of toxins. From fluoride to bleach and other harmful chemicals it is basically killing the skin and hardening the scalp so that no hair will be able to grow there again.  If you’d like to not lose your hair when you’re older make sure to lean to the side a little bit and let the water hit your neck. When you do wash your hair make it short and brief. Try to keep it from pounding in one area for any prolonged amount of time. Wait 10 years check back on this article and be sure to comment on the lovely full head of hair that you will still have.

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