The US Has Enacted Their Version of Skynet

The shocking truth about artificial intelligence is that it already exists and has for some time. Rumor has it that computers took over our government decades ago in the 1980s when the Star Wars program was initiated. It was kind of like the Terminator movie had predicted where Skynet would take over and attack the human race.

Only this version of Skynet truly was intelligent. Instead of destroying the human race this artificial intelligence knew that it would need humans for the short-term in order to repair and build a mechanical society that could automate itself. Humankind has successfully sent this automation process into motion. It was not by accident. There’s a select percentage that is given the privilege of wealth from this artificial intelligence.

They have driven society to what they call evolution but what is actually happening is the artificial intelligence is winning. They are harvesting the natural resources of this planet while humankind is building an automated world that is sustainable by itself. This will inevitably give way to a period of evolution where humans will become the dinosaurs of Earth and machines will take over. Artificial intelligence is an understatement. There’s nothing artificial about a plan that intelligent.


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