The US Went More in Debt in 10 Years than the Past Century Combined

The shocking truth about finances in America is only a certain percentage people who live in this country have it. The rest suffer and live day-to-day paycheck-to-paycheck. Stansberry Research Dr. Ron Paul has released a new book called America 2020 which is predicting a catastrophic outcome for finances in the next five years. The book is called America 2020 The Survival Blueprint and suggests that you take action with your financial future as well as the security of your family.

Oftentimes you hear of Doomsday Preppers and think these people are a little on the loony side, but this is not true. These people may actually be preparing for an upcoming event that some say is inevitable. The fabric of life as we know it will be changed and altered when the monetary system we currently use collapses. The banks that we bailed out in 2008 are 25% larger than they were when we bailed them out. Our government has given control to corporations.

Our spending has doubled in more than eight years compared to the last two hundred plus years of American history. It is estimated that in two hundred and sixteen years America only racked up 8.5 trillion dollars in debt. Within just another 8 years our federal government was able to double that debt to more than 16 trillion dollars. This growth trend of careless spending and frivolous allocation of funds started in the mid to late 1930s coincidentally the same time as the MJ Tax Act.


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