The Weirdest and Possibly Scariest Couple EVER


Talk about some weird couples, recently a sighting of one of the strangest couples recorded in history was found. Bigfoot and El Chupacabra were spotted on a date. They were located close to Old Faithful geyser in Yellowstone National Park where they were said to be affiliated with a gang of obese, rabid, radiated squirrels.


It was unclear as to whether or not this was a first date or an ongoing relationship between the two. However many are already in the fear for the potential outcome of this dangerous relationship. Even more dangerous than Chris Brown and Rihanna, Bigfoot and El Chupacabra could produce offspring that would be hell in comparison to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.


Just try to imagine what the offspring of an El Chupacabra and a Sasquatch might look like! In today’s ever-changing fast-paced world even the mythological creatures are starting to evolve. It is rumored that Bigfoot was going to give El Chupacabra a unicorn for Valentine’s Day this year. All we can do now is wait in fear and horror of the things that are to come.


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