The World is Ending and It’s Been Evident For Decades

The shocking truth is the world is coming to an end as we know it! No we’re not all going to die but most of us are. Depending on where you live and how healthy you are when shit hits the fan will determine whether you stay alive or not. Climatologist and scientists around the world that are predominant in their fields are expecting mega waves or tidal waves beyond what we can imagine to plagued the planet within the next few decades.

Cities that lie on coastal lands will be destroyed. This means that millions upon millions of people will die in a watery grave. James Hansen who has a pioneering climatologist along with his team had predicted the deadliest apocalyptic natural catastrophe ever. They also predict that this catastrophe will take place within the next few decades. The planet has been known to reshape itself on many occasions and the time for this to take place is here again. The signs have been evident to us for the past several decades and in particularly over the past decade alone.

When Antarctica and Greenland start to melt the influx of cool fresh water into the ocean will change the circulation pattern of oceans worldwide. Through thermal stratification and the mixing of freshwater and saltwater, the Earth Gulf Stream current will change creating superstorms that will bring with them tidal waves of destruction. The shocking truth is anyone that lives on the coast, and even those who live in the center of the United States or in areas that have a lot of lakes such as Minnesota may be doomed!

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