The World’s Wildlife is Going Mad

A Fisherman was spotted at Captain D’s. Apparently he has lost his mind and turned cannibal. Also in another strange turn of events that are similar the cows that are seen plastering billboard signs telling everybody they should consume more chicken were reportedly seen eating triple cheeseburgers fries and cokes. Chickens have been spotted eating chicken nuggets and chicken sandwiches.

The shocking truth is all is not well in the world. Not only is our environment staggeringly falling apart on a continual basis but the entire ecosystem is crumbling. Rabbits have gone rapid and started eating people in certain areas. Once harmless furry little bunnies are now angry, bloodthirsty creatures. Reportedly the shortage of water makes them crave hydration, and your blood is their only thing to drink.

Reportedly there has been alleged claims that other cute little animals such as squirrels, puppies, and kittens are starting to eat people everywhere around the world. These animals do not stop at just eating people they will also eat one another. It has gotten so contagious that even plants are starting to eat animals. The world has gone mad, and the shocking truth is nobody really cares.


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