Theives Will Steal Anything But This is Ridiculous

The shocking truth is people will steal just about anything. Not only will people steal just about anything they will go to great lengths to steal some of the oddest of things. Recently in Kansas City thieves managed to steal a 3D cut out of a gigantic generic Royals baseball team player. This gigantic cut off was attached to a billboard that was made to look like the Outfield wall. This cut out was estimated to weigh over a hundred and fifty pounds and was more than 14 foot tall. This leads authorities to believe this was a well thought-out heist and most likely involved several different people.

There had to be a lot of thought put into this operation as this cut out would not fit in the back of a standard pickup truck and would probably look a little crazy driving down the road if it did. That means that they had to come up with some elaborate way of transporting this thing my guess was probably inside of a semi truck judging by the size of it. Either someone thought they could make a lot of money off of this cutout, or they are a die-hard Royals fan and have just gained the greatest piece of memorabilia to put in their man cave.

Whatever the reason was behind this heist it is definitely one of the craziest things I have ever heard of someone stealing. I mean after all, why would you risk spending time in prison over a fake cut out 14-foot tall baseball player?


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