There May Be No Election This Year

The shocking truth is martial law may be right around the corner and even more possible than anyone ever previously had thought before! Control in the political world of today gives individuals extreme amounts of power. This power is very influential in making things turn out the way that these political individuals want them to. This may not be the intention at the start. But, as time goes on very few men or women can control the temptation and ammo power that comes with a political position.

It is rumored all across the internet that Saddam Hussein, I mean Barack Hussein Obama is going to invoke martial law and stay in office indefinitely. For those of you, that don’t believe this could happen feel free to Google it. It was a shocking truth to me as I read some of the scenarios and watched video clips where Obama hinted towards his extended presidency.

Just imagine the National Guard, Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marines policing our streets and taking away all of our freedoms giving them only to selected few who fall into limited criteria. This is far more plausible and actually capable of happening than ever before. You never know what tomorrow holds. It could hold Obama forever, and that is the shocking truth!




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