There’s What In My Food


The shocking truth is when you want a cheeseburger fries and coke you want one. This substance is responsible for decimating our planet and destroying the environment. However, We crave these items. Right now as I write this, I am debating on jumping in my ride and driving up to Carl’s Jr. for a greasy cheeseburger fries and coke combo. It seems as if they put some kind of drug in these foods.


You can start thinking about him in the creating section you can actually taste it! Follow all that down with a cold Frosty beverage and it’s like food Paradise for your mouth. why is it fast food is so addictive? The additives they put in the food itself become addictive to the body just like a drug.


When your mind triggers the thought your body remembers the chemical and begins to Crave it. That’s all I can do to help inform the world. I must go after a cheeseburger fries and coke combo now. I know that I shouldn’t but I cannot help myself and that’s the shocking truth.


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