These Heroes Were No Match for a Burning Car

What would you do if you were knocked unconscious and were in a car that was on fire? You would sit there and most likely end up burning to death. That was not the case however for this lucky individual who was rescued by two police officers in Maryland.

In Montgomery County Maryland two police officers ended up pulling a man from a car that was on fire. The individual was unconscious when these two police officers decided to risk their lives and save this unconscious man. Brian Nesbitt and Cody fields are two heroes that did not hesitate. The car was on fire, and they immediately ran to the car breaking open the door and were able to pull the man from the burning vehicle where he was sure to become a victim.

All too often we hear negative news about police officers and forget that they are heroes. Not every police officer out there is looking to shoot somebody or take people to jail. They are not all looking to rob innocent people either. There are some good police officers, and they deserve recognition. They say one bad apple spoils the barrel, and that is the case for law enforcement. A few law enforcement officers who displayed poor judgment calls and irrational behavior have left a bad name attached to all the good ones. These two officers are heroes as well as many others who go unnoticed every day. You can view the video here.

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