These Islands Could Soon Become Part of the Ocean

The shocking truth is life is changing on our planet whether we want to admit it or not. Many people go about their day-to-day lives pretending that global warming and environmental changes not taking place. Those who do recognize that this occurrence is happening like to pretend that it will not affect them. This way of thinking is not only dangerous it is harmful.

It has led to the continued destruction of our natural environment. One of the main factors a global warming that is a major threat to the entire world is the melting of the polar ice caps. Wendy’s ice caps melt they will give way to new alien life. This family and life has been frozen under hundreds of feet of ice for tens of thousands of years. Microorganisms that are trapped within this ice will be exposed to our oceans. A process known as desalinization will take place, and that is just the beginning. If you need proof that this event can, Will and in fact is happening check this out.

The Solomon Islands consist of many different Islands. Six major islands and over 900 smaller Islands come together on the east of Papua New Guinea and cover 28000 plus kilometers. 5 Islands in this chain that make up the Solomon Islands have been completely submerged and no longer exist as Islands. This is due to rising water levels and erosion. The world is changing, and the shocking truth is people are still in denial.

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