They are Tracking Your Every Move

The shocking truth is eyes are everywhere watching you all the time. Eyes in the sky eyes and your TV has eyes on you couch potatoes. Government monitoring is only of your concerns. Corporate monitoring is far worse and even more intrusive. The government doesn’t care about where you shop or what you’re talking about on Twitter for the most part, but corporations do.

They are stalking your private information looking for your trends and using them to bombard you with countless numbers of items you may be interested in. The shocking truth is analytic data is very intrusive. Take for example Facebook. This notorious social media giant.

Go on Google and type in the words how to go to Canada with a felony. Within a few days when you go to Facebook, you should see ads for lawyers that will help you get to Canada if you have a felony charge. When you think eyes aren’t watching you, you’re wrong. They are always watching you. That my friends is the shocking truth!


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