They Are Trying To Kill You and You’re Probably Paying for It

What would you say if I were to tell you that the cars, trucks, buses, trains and planes all were designed to promote cancer? The amplified rays of the sun come through the windows of all of these forms of transportation and lead to skin cancers. When you combine the effects of years of this type of exposure with the harmful effects of the poisoned food and water we eat and drink and suddenly you see a cocktail for disease. This is what we are seeing all across America with the way our political leaders are treating our water supplies and farmers.

What if I were to tell you that you are paying to poison yourself. The truth is that the one percenters are not eating or drinking the same foods as the average American. Foods many of us love such as Cheetos, M&Ms, Gummi snacks, Pop Tarts and other favorites contain products that are linked to thyroid disease, cancer, diabetes, and other life threating illnesses. These illnesses are being facilitated by the companies that are advertising their way into our cabinets and refrigerators. The healthy snack in the neat little lunch pack we send with our kids to school are not in fact all that good for them.

It doesn’t stop with our transportation and food either. The water we drink from our faucets and water fountains is poisoned. Fluoride and lead are found in much of the public water supply. The same water our political leaders sell to the public at a top dollar price. Arsenic, lead, fluoride! Monsanto poisoned GMO foods and our transportation? If you ask me that is not just a chance happening, it is an outright attempted takeover of humanity. If you say that they wouldn’t do that then the shocking truth here is that you have fallen for all of their lies. Continue on blindly and you will pay.

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