They Did What and Jumped From Where

Thrill seekers today are getting ever more adventurous. In an effort to become more extreme and compete in the world high-intensity adrenaline-pumping pulse-pounding extreme sports would-be athletes are pushing the realms of safety and sanity. By challenging their bodies and machines putting them to the ultimate test of endurance these individuals entertain millions.

Not only do they entertained millions they are driving a generation and inspiring others to partake in these extreme sports. These extreme sports do not come without consequences. Many of the individuals who live this life live either short lives or ones involving incredible amounts of pain. Extreme sports and pulse-pounding Adrenaline Junkies are not going away anytime soon.

Individuals around the world are captivated by their death defying stunts. Stunts such as jumping off of Mount Everest. Jumping off of the Eiffel Tower. Jumping from the London Bridge. These are just some basic examples. Even more crazy than the individuals who will do extreme stunts like this are the ones that will go to unbelievable measures to get that one of a kind lifetime chance at the perfect selfie.

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