This Biker Group is All About the Kids

Calling a biker when there is someone who needs to be dealt with isn’t anything shocking to many. What may be shocking to a lot of people though is that when someone calls upon a biker group to help with a situation it doesn’t always result in heads being bashed like some would like to believe. In fact, there is a biker group known as BACA, which stands for Bikers Against Child Abuse. This group of bikers contains individuals who are dedicated to supporting the children who have suffered different forms of abuse through whatever they have to go through.

These bikers don’t show up to bust heads, though they simply show up in support of the child so that they know that there are people behind them and that whatever that is that they fear they no longer have to. Members of this group have to pass extensive background checks ran through the FBI and if any abuse records are found they are not permitted to be a part of the group. These individuals do everything from guarding children in their homes to escorting them to school and even showing up in court when they have to testify against those who have abused them.

This nonprofit group is nothing like what many would imagine. As one member so eloquently put they’re not going to look for a perpetrator but they will be damned if they get through BACA to ever hurt another child. The shocking truth is people bikers are humans with hearts and most of them, in fact, are just big teddy bears unless you cross them the wrong way.

Check out the video below to learn more.

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