This Concept Car Will Blow Your Mind

It’s undeniable that the technology that we have seen for years in movies and television shows are starting to become a reality. BMW recently debuted the companies newest concept car known as the Mini Vision Next 100. We will refer to it as the Mini for short. The Mini looks like something straight out of the Jetsons.

Its main design focus is for ride sharing with the intentions that these cars will not be owned by just one individual. These cars are designed with an exterior that allows you to choose the design, style, and color of the car when you are utilizing it. The Mini is an electric car design built with a younger consumer audience in mind.

The Mini contains a single bar in the front that holds the steering wheel as well as the iconic round speedometer. However, it features something not seen in other cars which is the fact that the bar can be slid between the two passengers in the front seat allowing for shared driving.

The AI assistant that is embedded in the car’s software will allow it to be called by an app and self-driven to the location of the individual in need of a ride. These are just some of the shocking features of this new concept car that we hope will soon hit the market and be the first of many futuristic and awesome transportation options.

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