This Dog Couldn’t Stand the Excitement of It’s Soldiers Return

Many of us have furry four-legged companions. Some have cats, some have dogs, some even have cows, horses, pigs and other animals. The kind of animals that are making the world a better place are the ones who love their owners as much as their owners love them. Many times today there are soldiers who have to go off for long deployments and leave their furry companions behind. When they do this, their dogs miss them more than you can imagine.

This was exactly the case where a dog who was nearly deaf is overwhelmed by seeing the return of their soldier owner. A golden retriever of 13 years was reunited with her owner Hannah Foraker. Hannah is an Army private who has been gone for basic training for about three months. The old dog was so excited that when she saw her master she had to do a double-take. She laid in her owner’s lap and set their whimpering and crying because she was so happy.

Remember when you think about feelings, our pets, and our furry companions have just as much of those feelings as we do. Chances are if you’re missing your pet, your pet is missing you too. Check out the adorable video here.

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