This Ghost is Getting A Lot of Celebrity Action

The shocking truth is reportedly Bobby Brown is back on the crack. Apparently it’s his prerogative and rumors are flying across the internet that Bobby Brown is the newest in a series of celebrities who have had sex with a ghost. It’s pretty bad when your love life turns to the afterlife. One might even say you’re dead in bed if this happens. Apparently it’s not so uncommon for people to have sex with ghosts nowadays.

Every sense Scary Movie 2 or 3 or whatever the hell it was where the ghost rape the chick wearing Tuesday’s panties on Saturday people have been reportedly being sexually harassed by Spirits from the afterlife. I mean what else better does it goes have to do than to grope your ass or try to have sex with you. Just what this world needs a bunch of horny ghosts running around. You better prepare yourself because apparently if you have sex unprotected with these ghosts you can catch some STDs from another realm.

Bobby Brown, Natasha Blasick, and even Kesha have all reportedly had sexual relations with a ghost. So who is this Ghost with the most? Nobody knows and that’s the shocking truth.




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