This Man May Just Be a Real Life Dr. Dolittle Who Takes Great Selfies


Today the art of taking a selfie is becoming more popular than ever before. People go to extraordinary lengths and distances to get that perfect selfie picture. Some people like to take selfies hanging off of buildings while others like to take selfies in exotic locations. You also have people that just well make that duck face and take a selfie every day, all day long for no particular reason at all.


In this instance, a 29-year-old man from Ireland by the name of Alan Dixon is being dubbed as a real life Doctor Dolittle. He believes that he can talk to animals and furthermore can get them to pose for selfies with him. Now I was a little skeptical upon hearing this until I saw the pictures. I’ve thought this guy must have taken some amazing LSD from back in the day because not only does he takes selfies with these animals they appear to look a lot the same in each picture. From kangaroos, sea turtles, exotic birds, dogs, ducks, horses, and even a camel this Irish lad apparently may just be a real-life Dr. Dolittle indeed.


Either way according to Alan, sometimes he is able to gain the trust of animals in as little as 5 minutes and other times it can take several hours of being in their presence before the trust is gained. He even had some advice to share with others that would like to try capturing selfies with animals. His advice was to make sure that its nots a crocodile!



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