This Monkey Was Monkeying Around With Mail

Shocking news coming out of Florida about a male monkey. This is not a male monkey it is a mail eating monkey that we are referring to specifically. Police in Florida were called out recently to deal with some monkey business that wasn’t normal. A homeowner that lived in the sunshine state woke up to go out and check their mail like normal. The neighborhood was your normal Florida community with Rubbermaid mailboxes. The only difference is this particular morning the mailbox appeared to have a monkey sitting on top of it.

monkey 2

This monkey wasn’t just sitting there, it had decided it was going to snack on the residents mail. Apparently the president decided to call 9-1-1 rather than go out and try to shoo the monkey away themselves. Police quickly rushed to the scene to get his monkey business under control. Upon arriving, they indeed found the monkey. This time, the monkey was sitting on a street sign where it was indeed still eating mail. Quick thinking and a bottle of water led the police to lure the monkey off of the sign in into their patrol car.

monkey 1

To their dismay however apparently this monkey was not a fan of being in the back of a police car as he started ripping the molding off of the police officers car. While this scene was occurring the owner of the monkey was nearby and spotted the commotion. He quickly came to the rescue and the monkey was actually a pet by the name of the Zeek. All in all everything was safely and successfully handled. The only hard part now is going to be figuring out how to write this one up in police reports. Since police officers have to be serious when they’re filing reports, there will be no monkey business in this one. Imagine trying to write this one up without throwing any kind of joke into it.


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