This Planet is Going Green with Marijuana

NASA shocked the stoner community with the recent discovery of a planet completely covered in marijuana. This is said to help spark interest in the new generation for space exploration. NASA has had a hard time staying in business since the introduction of Virgin Galactic and the Space X Program. Space exploration has shifted towards the private sector with corporations and companies pushing the Realms of space travel.

The United States of America is even ending its involvement on the International Space Station to move to more detailed endeavors. With the discovery of marijuana on this alien planet, it sure to receive funding for future exploration. With reports from Kepler coming in stating that the cannabis on this planet has roughly 3,000 percent increase in potency, this alien weed would be just what you would need for interplanetary travel.

This planet has been named “Planet X637Z-43″. This planet is sure to gain interest by many. We have always known that marijuana is out of this world, but this just backs it up even more!

140 years between stops is a long time, so you’re either going to need a lot of weed or a little bit of really good weed. Leave it to the boys at NASA to find a planet covered in marijuana!


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