This Robotic Bodyguard is the Security of the Future


In this shocking news story, a company has come up with a new robotic bodyguard. This robotic bodyguard can keep you safe with all four legs. That’s right a four-legged ninja robotic bodyguard. A team of engineers that study robotics and advanced physics from the Italian Institute of Technology has managed to create a four-legged one-armed robot. This four-legged one-armed robot can move objects from its path and is much like that of the robot you see used in military trials.  Once all tests go well with the one arm for this robot the Italian team has a second arm ready and will attach it. I guess instead of taking this one leg at a time they decided to go one arm at a time. After all, they already had four legs so why not slow down and make sure they get it right. So in the not so shocking distant future, you will be able to have a four legged ninja robot as your personal protection Safety Unit. The way that the Obama administration is going these might be a good idea!



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