This Will Be a Fun Story to Tell the Grandkids

Your high school years are one of the most confusing in your life. We will do some crazy things for some of the craziest reasons. The great thing is though most of them you can simply look back on later in life and laugh. This is going to be the case for a young man named Hunter Osborne who exposed his penis through his football uniform pants during the football team’s photoshoot.

During the time of his exposure, there were 59 students ranging in age from 19 down to 15 as well as ten faculty members present. Osborne said that he was disgusted by what he had done after being arrested on suspicion of 69 counts of indecent exposure as well as a felony charge of furnishing harmful items to minors.

The county attorney declined to prosecute the individual, and the case has been dropped. This all stemmed from a dare by a fellow team member who will not be named.

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