Tigers Will Eat Anything Including You

What do tigers dream of when they take a little tiger snooze? Well if you read the media lately apparently they dream of mauling you. A tiger was recently located just strolling around casually in Coral Cove Pass located in Conroe Texas. The female tiger was apprehended without any injuries to the tiger or people. This isn’t the first incident of a tiger in the news. This is however, the first incident of an unknown tiger just wandering around someplace random. Many are speculating that this tiger was a pet that escaped.

Some believe that cartel were in the area and one of their exotic animals manage to escape without them realizing it. It is no surprise to see tigers, cheetahs, and other exotic creatures as pets for cartel members. Recently in other tiger news, a zookeeper in Florida was mauled to death.

While performing her daily rounds at Palm Beach Zoo in Florida a zookeeper by the name of Stacy Konwiser was attacked by the Tiger she cared for. She received a life-threatening bite and was airlifted to St. Mary’s Medical Center. Unfortunately, she did not make it. This goes to show that though these animals are beautiful and majestic but extreme care should always be taken when handling or being near these beautiful and majestic creatures.

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