Time Travelling Identical Twin Prank Fools the NYC Subway

Perhaps you may have heard about some time traveler’s that recently showed up in a New York City subway. The shocking truth behind this is these were not time travelers at all. Instead, four sets that’s right, not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 identical twins decided to stage a time traveling prank. They decided that there would be no better place than the New York City subway to get attention. People nowadays are gullible and will fall for just about anything especially when they believe they’re seeing it for themselves.

Many passengers on this New York City subway believed they were witnessing time travel from the future. With all of the movies Hollywood puts out today, the act was completely buyable. The shocking truth is even when you see something you may not want to believe it right away. I believe it was Harry Houdini who said: “what the eyes see, and the ears hear the mind will believe.” In this case, this statement is all to true. The passengers that were on this New York City subway completely fell for it.

So if you happen to be out in public and see a set of twins acting as if they are from the distant future and the present day or the past you may just be witnessing a very good prank at play. However, there are those who believe this was a government conspiracy in an attempt to discredit time travel. By portraying this as a prank to the public, the government hopes that when real time travel is witnessed no one will know the difference or they will think it is a prank as well.

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