Tiny Terrorist, Toddlers Are Killing More People in America Than Terrorist

In the United States of America, gun control has been a major issue for years. Some people believe we have the right to bear arms, and this is the only thing that will keep another country from invading us or our own government from doing us wrong. The question of how to manage guns and what gun safety actually is coming into the big picture on many occasions. When it comes to children and teaching them how to utilize firearms some believe that it is best to teach them young while others believe they must reach a certain age to understand the responsibility.

Just recently a pro U.S. female Marksman was shot in the back by her toddler. This brought questions of that through a disturbing truth into the light. This truth would be that toddlers shoot more people in the United States of America than terrorists. This might give some the argument and fuel for their fire to say that guns need to be taken away and not allowed in American households. This, however, is nonsense. Guns don’t kill people stupid people with guns’ kill people, and we all know this.


Children are not meant to have guns. Guns should be kept locked up when children are around. Loaded weapons should never be kept within reach of unsupervised children. Children really do not need to play with guns at all. When a child becomes eight or nine years old, a gun is a good idea to familiarize them with but not until then. At four years old a child does not have a consciousness that allows them to distinguish reality from falsehood. Should our guns be taken away from us? Absolutely not! Take away our guns and you might as well give up all of your freedoms as an American and denounce your citizenship to the New World Order! Keeping them away from kids though is something that should be common sense.

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