Tired of Being Short? Move to Outer Space!

Shocking news about space travel has come in from astronaut Scott Kelly as he returned to Earth after a year in space. One of the more obvious effects of the amount of time and space was that he was two inches taller than he was previously. This, however, is only temporary as it is a condition of zero gravity. This is caused by the nearly a year now Scott has floated around the space station instead of walking. This has allowed for his spine to in a sense stretch.

The discs in between each spot on the vertebrae have expanded creating a two-inch difference in his height. As his body adjust to Earth’s gravity again, he will shrink back down to his normal height. Also, many other tests will be conducted as he will have regular physicals and checkups as part of his medical experiment in the International Space Station. It is estimated that astronauts received 30 times more radiation when they are in space than people do here on earth.

When it comes to deep space travel such as to Mars and astronaut could experience 300 times the radiation. Tests are being done to check bone density, blood vessels, and other important factors for determining a future plan for trips to Mars. Either way, Scott Kelly we’d like to thank you for the amazing pictures that you have provided us with from your unique point of view. You have shared things with the world that will remain in history forever.

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