Trump Without Makeup or Alien Invader?

The shocking truth about Donald Trump is he truly is an alien from another world. In a recent photo the Trump was caught without all of his makeup on. It was hard to tell whether Trump was a man a woman or an alien creature. It is reported that Trump had a late night hanging out with his stripper wifes friends and preparing ideas to incorporate stripper poles into the White House.

There was reportedly a lot of sauce at this party and Trump had a little too much. The next day late waking up Trump had to rush to a meeting. Apparently still believing that all of the makeup from the day before was intact and on, Trump went into the public. The sad thing is Trump didn’t even know that he was exposing that he had another side to the world. At least that’s what stories around the internet are saying. Take a look for yourself at this picture and you be the judge. It sure looks like the possibilities of Trump being an alien really do exist and that’s the shocking truth!


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