Turning Off Niagara Falls Might Happen

Turning off a waterfall might require a whole lot of talking negative and down to it, but it can be done. It’s a lot easier than turning one on lol. In all seriousness, however, Niagara Falls may be turned off while bridges are rebuilt. The thought of turning off Niagara Falls might seem like an engineering nightmare for some and an impossible feat to many others. There are currently plans in the works with the New York State Department that would involve turning off part of Niagara Falls so that bridges could be rebuilt.

niagara 1

Niagara Falls, of course, is the name collectively given to three waterfalls which are on the border of the US and Canada. On the Canadian side you have the Horseshoe Falls and on the American side you have two smaller waterfalls known as the American Falls, and the other one is called the Bridal Veil Falls. The last time the falls were shut down was in 1969. Utilizing 27,800 tons of dirt and rock, a dam was made stopping the water flow on the American side.

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When the falls dried up everything from coins to a body were found. The purpose of turning the water off this time would be to build two new bridges that would allow people access to Goat Island. The two current bridges are 115 years old and no longer accessible. So if you wake up one day and see that Niagara Falls is no longer flowing don’t be alarmed it’s probably just the hands of man.

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