Twitter is More Trust Worthy for News than Mainstream Media

Here at The Shocking Truths, we have been trying to warn people that if we do not change our ways that Mother Earth is going to rid herself of the virus known as humankind. Recently in California an earthquake struck that left many people a little disturbed and shook up as it was quite intense compared to the normal earthquakes that Californians are used to.


The shocking truth is while many people were shaken up they still found time to tweet about the natural disaster on Twitter. Even celebrities joined in on the fun. We heard from Nicki Minaj who said it was the scariest earthquake that this little New York girl had ever experienced in Cali. Other people took to Twitter to make sure that what they felt was actually an earthquake rather than some horrible doomsday disaster or an experiment being performed by the government.


The shocking truth is even in some of the most devastating times people will turn to social media for comfort. What maybe even more shocking is many people would prefer to get their news from other individuals on social media rather than mainstream media as they know they are being lied to. Chances are this probably wasn’t an earthquake, but that’s just what they are going to let you believe anyhow.


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