Two-Time Lottery Winner in 3 Months

The shocking truth is many of us play the lottery in hopes of making it big and win a fortune. We would be able to relax and enjoy life and not have to do the daily grind and the hustle and bustle of our normal jobs. We fantasize about islands, cars, homes, and other things that come with money we don’t have. Some of us have different goals and expectations, however.

In North Carolina, a woman is experiencing karma firsthand. She is battling cancer and staying as positive as one could stay. During this horrendous and horrible time in life, she has found a slight ray of sunshine. Winning the lottery once in North Carolina was definitely awesome but twice in less than three months is simply amazing. Many are starting to wonder if she has a clairvoyant and asking her what her lottery number pick is going to be this week.

Gina Short definitely isn’t short on cash or good lottery numbers it seems. This money will no doubt help to pay some of the outrageous bills that come with cancer. Hopefully, she gets to enjoy some of this money and doctors, and the pharmaceutical companies don’t get it all. Congratulations Gina Short!

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