Two Tortured Elephants Are Finally Freed After Years In Chains At The Circus


These two elephants have spent their entire lives in chains for the circus. Sometimes years went by where these elephants couldn’t even lie down and rest. This cruelty is going on all around us everyday. We think of a circus as a loving fun place for children to see animals and watch them do tricks, but the truth is the circus is like a jail for these creatures. Circus owners do the bare minimum to keep these creatures alive. Sometimes depriving them of a place to lay down, forcing them to stand for months at a time. Thank god these two elephants were given a second chance.

Finally Allowed To Lay Down and Rest

Finally Allowed To Lay Down and Rest

Mia and Sita are two elephants that were brought over 1200 miles to an Elephant Conservation and Care Center run by Wildlife SOS in Mathura, India. Here the elephants will be free of chains and given the life they deserved.


These elephants suffer from several health issues, sleep deprivation, and just plain abuse. The people at Wildlife SOS are doing everything they can to fix these issues and to make sure these elephants make a recovery. They are already showing signs of being happy and their health has already improved.



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