URGENT PSA- Don’t Blow Yourself Up With These Glow Sticks

The shocking truth is you better not follow every recipe that you find on the internet! Those that are Americans and trying to show their patriotism and support by supporting their candidate Bernie Sanders could fall victim to a very dangerous joke or call it a cynical plot by terrorists.

Blue glow sticks apparently are a way to show your support of Bernie Sanders if you are attending one of the presidential rallies. For people who want to go to these rallies, I guess the Dollar Tree glow sticks are either all sold out in blue or just too expensive, and they prefer to make their own. If this is the case make sure you know how to make your own glow stick don’t just read the recipe off the internet.

It was a recipe on the internet that claims to be the concoction needed for the makings of a blue glow stick to show your support at Bernie Sanders rallies. In fact, this concoction was not a glow stick at all. It was a blow stick. A a blow s*** up stick that is. The mixture to those who were unsuspecting would create a chlorine bomb that would explode upon the mixing of the ingredients. The shocking truth that some people are assholes and if you run across somebody who is posting things like this be sure to report them to  National Homeland Security.


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