Vegans May Attract Aliens to Planet Earth

If you are one of those people who wish to see an alien, then I have a tip for you. Eat a lot of LSD or MDMA then go to Walmart. Actually, you don’t even have to eat the LSD or the MDMA you can just visit your local Walmart store. If you remember the movie Men in Black, then you know the aliens are working alongside us just like they did in the post office with K. This explains all the weird s*** you see in Walmart.

Like the Bigfoot or the Sasquatch that was spotted in Rockwood Tennessee. Anyway, back to the if you want to see an alien thing. According to ex-President Eisenhower’s great-granddaughter if you partake in a vegan diet you could possibly attract extraterrestrial life-forms to you. Now perhaps this girl ate a little bit of LSD or perhaps some MDMA. It would then seem she watched Scott Pilgrim and saw the vegan character on the movie with their vegan powers and somehow interpreted this as a way to attract aliens.

After she bought a lion that got stuck in the tree and scared the neighborhood, and then the elephant stormed their house, nobody’s going to believe that the monkeys are friendly. You never know, though. If you’re wanting to see an alien and can handle taking the meat out of your diet, maybe you want to try to go vegan. Remember being vegan is more than just removing meat from your diet there’s a bunch of other s*** that goes along with it. Once you gain your vegan powers should you break the rules, they will be stripped from you. Wait that might be Scott Pilgrim.


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