Vegans Smoked Out and Got Beat with Meat

The shocking truth is nobody is safe from a sausage attack! You can be sitting peacefully at a cafe somewhere on a side street and enjoying a nice salad and a refreshing cup of water. Especially if you are a vegan, you will find a way to stay away from restaurants that cook meat because well face it disgust you to see piles of keeping cooked meat on a plate.

For this reason, you choose places that are friendly and cater to your lifestyle. Vegans have special powers, and this is proven. They attract assholes. This is exactly what happened in the country called Georgia. A crazed group of neo-nazis started attacking patrons the Kiwi Cafe located in the capital. They didn’t come in and start punching her shooting. Instead, they came in attacking customers as well as Cafe workers with sausages and grilled meat.

To make things even a little meatier or to add a little more meat to the Bone so to say the Cafe was hosting a screening for an English movie at the time. The neo-nazis we’re definitely prepared as they started eating and throwing fish grilled meat and sausages at customers and employees. To top it all off, the neo-nazis did the unthinkable and smoked in the vegan cafe. Nobody’s safe in the world not even vegans, and that’s the shocking truth.

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