Veterans are Dying Everyday and It Could be Prevented

The shocking truth is this 420 holiday many people will be lighting up and celebrating. While they do this, a statistic will remain hidden to most in regards to our United States Veterans and Military, who served our country to protect our freedoms and rights. When these individuals develop health problems, the solution by our government is to load them up on prescription drugs. This has been causing excessive overdose death rates as well as suicide rates among veterans. It is estimated that at least 22 veterans are lost to suicide on a daily basis.

These are losses that could be prevented. Numbers according to other groups range much higher period coming in at around 50 US military veterans being lost to a combination of suicide and drug overdoses every day. This problem has a solution. A natural solution known as cannabis is the alternative in which many veterans find great success in helping to treat the conditions they live with it. Suicide rates could be reduced. Overdose and addiction rates could be reduced. The shocking truth is cannabis can save the planet!

The real shocking truth is political powers to be, and those who want to control the world are doing everything in their power to capitalize and monetize on this before the people have a chance to gain full access. Profit over people has been the way of life for these individuals also known as the one percenters since the dawning of time. It’s time for a new dawning. The beginning of a new Revolution. One where humankind awakens and realizes that they must live in a symbiotic relationship with the planet earth in order to evolve into the future.

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