Video Games are Becoming Everything

The shocking truth about kids today is they can play video games for days on end. Their eyeballs could burn out of their head, and their brains could be leaking out of their ears. Scratch that their brains could be drooling out of their noses as long as they can still see and move their thumbs they are going to work the game controller until the end of time. It makes me wonder how come we don’t advertise on video games.

Why don’t we teach school lessons on video games? How come everything in the world doesn’t revolve around video games? The shocking truth is surprisingly the world does seem to revolve around video games whether you are a young child or a grown adult. Video games have a way of intriguing the mind. They activate the senses and teach people who otherwise could not learn to learn. Monkeys that do not know how to read and write can learn to push buttons if they do it with enough repetition.

The shocking truth is that today’s society is being programmed by video games. Not only do they play video games, but they also wear video game t-shirts, eat video game snacks, and buy video game based movies. Video games have taken over the youth of America, and that is the shocking truth!


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