Video- Man Shoots Himself Underwater With a Shotgun


The shocking true that some people go to extreme distances to make a point. Instead of just sharing Vital Information such as bullets don’t travel underwater that well a scientist or you might say mad scientist decided to shoot himself under water and record the whole thing for YouTube and the world to see.

Apparently Andreas Wahl wanted to show the world that you could stand in a pool and fire a semi-automatic shotgun at yourself with no protection and survive. In theory science says that water is much denser than air, 800 times more dense in fact. Basically meaning that it is 800 times harder to shoot yourself under water than it is above water.

Personally those are still not enough to make me comfortable with pointing guns at myself and pulling the trigger but hey some people will do anything to prove stuff in the name of science. As long as somebody else believes you that’s the important thing here.

Check out the video below!

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